Saturday, February 15, 2014

so grown up

dahlia has been begging me to let her get her ears pierced. i have been reluctant but not because i don't want to have her ears pierced. it is more about the fact that i had no idea how to go about this task. i didn't want to take her to a store in the mall where a teenage girl with no training shot an earring into her. what if they did it wrong? i also thought that having the pediatrician do it would be crazy expensive and i wasn't even sure if our pediatrician did that sort of thing. i ended up reading lots of reviews from yelp and finally decided on a place in the mall called the piercing pagoda. the people that do the piercings are trained and they also sell cute earrings.

we all went to the mall as a family today to watch her get her ears pierced. she was super brave. i couldn't believe it. she didn't even cry. they did both ears at the same time with a piercing gun. they gave her a stuffed dog to hold while they did it. she was great. she said it didn't even hurt as much as a shot from the nurse. wow. i totally cried when i got my ears pierced.

after getting her ears pierced the kids all celebrated by taking a train ride around the mall. it was so funny and cute. there was this little train that was not on a track driving around. miles and i could see them cruising past all the department stores. it was a pretty long ride. i was impressed and they loved it.

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