Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas card

we finally mailed out the christmas cards today. yay. they are so cute. i can't believe we actually got them in the mail on time. we didn't have time to write a personalized message on each one. oh well. next year we will get them done earlier. we went to a photo place in the mall last week and it was a nightmare. mason screamed the whole time. dahlia started crying also. it was a mess. these pictures were taken at home by the christmas tree. how nice. we had our own photo shoot. they turned out so cute. i love the picture of mason. we even saved money!

we are all sick. we have colds. i wrapped tons of gifts today. i love to wrap presents. tomorrow dahlia will be 4 weeks old. wow. i am excited about the holidays now. i am in a good mood. it really feels like christmas.

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