Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas eve

merry christmas. i can't believe it is already christmas eve. today was just crazy busy. we usually go to miles' grandma's house for christmas eve to visit with his mom and grandma. this year miles' mom came to our house. we didn't know she was coming until two days ago. needless to say i was not ready. i was running around like a crazy woman this morning getting the house clean and the groceries bought. miles took the kids with him to visit his aunt, and drop off the christmas gifts. i was sad to miss it. there is no way we would have been ready though. i wish i would have had time to plan something more special. i love to host parties and would have liked to do something really nice for christmas eve. this was just such short notice that i had to keep it simple.

my mother in law showed up around four o'clock. we had a nice easy dinner. we got a store bought pie that i thought tasted terrible. it just killed me to not have a homemade dessert. we opened gifts after dinner. mason loved this silly toy car that has a pig driving it. so funny. miles and i have to finish wrapping some gifts for tomorrow. i miss going to the midnight service at church. the candlelight service was always my favorite. maybe we can find a church near us for next year.

anyway, christmas is here and i am so excited. my baby girl's first christmas. i hope everyone has a loving day.

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