Friday, February 22, 2008

three months

dahlia is three months old today. it is raining out. she is sleeping in her swing. she is 11 pounds. wow. getting big. she is already growing out of some of her clothes. she is adorable. she has been cooing and can hold her head up pretty well. it will be cute to watch her grow and be able to play with mason.

my sister's shower is tomorrow. i decided not to go downtown to the flower mart this morning. it is too cold and raining. i will just have to buy some flowers at the market. i already grew wheat grass for the centerpieces, so i don't need many flowers. my husband is sick of me talking about the shower. i love to throw parties. too bad the weather is so bad. we had to change plans and move everything inside. i can't wait for her baby to get here. he is going to be so cute. mason will have a boy cousin to play with. i should get going. there is a ton of work to do today.

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