Wednesday, February 13, 2008

memory tree

the shower has taken over my house. there is baby stuff everywhere. i spent most of yesterday working on more decorations. i want to finish most of them so i can get working on the rest of the stuff.

i had this great idea to make a tree with little baby stuff hanging on it for the memory game. the tree would be inside by the drinks, and then when we are outside eating we could have people write down all the items they remember from the tree. all i have to do is make the tree. ugh. this turned out to be such a project. at one point i was at pottery barn kids ready to drop $60.00 for their easter tree. i couldn't do it though. i just can't spend $60.00 on something that i won't have any use for later. i hate lots of stuff. so i went home and made it myself for about $10.00 with supplies from the craft store and a dead tree from the yard. i think it looks cute. i just hope it doesn't fall over before the shower.

there is also a picture of my tree helper.

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