Monday, February 4, 2008

shower invitations

i had this brilliant idea to hand paint all the baby shower invitations for my sister jen's shower. my other sister christina thought it would be so fun to do potato prints. so i loaded up the 2 kids and drove an hour to my 3rd sister susan's house. christina, susan and i got together to paint all the invitations. it was fun at first. i remember why i don't do art projects any more now that i have kids. it is impossible. mason and his cousin z were running up and down the stairs making us crazy. dahlia was crying needing to be fed every 5 minutes. i really wasn't having any fun. i think susan couldn't wait for us to leave. she doesn't have any kids yet. i think we have scared her off from them. the invitations do look adorable though. now i just need to mail them out.

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