Saturday, August 9, 2008

lazy summer day

my mom and dad are out of town again so miles and i agreed to watch my cousin zena for the day. mom usually watches zena until christina gets home from work. it was a fun day. i drove out to pick her up and then was crazy enough to take them on a couple of errands for me. shopping with three kids is challenging. i did manage to get the errands done with only a couple of sticker purchases to keep mason and zena entertained.

they were so happy to get home. we promptly filled up the little pool with water and they jumped in. it was a relaxing afternoon for me watching them swim, swing, and make mud pies in the dirt.

of course after they had had their baths they ran outside to play in the mud again. ugh.

christina came over after work and stayed the night. all the kids were so tired they crashed out early and we got to watch old episodes of the o.c. ahh, the o.c. and a bottle of wine with sister. friday night doesn't get much better.

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