Wednesday, August 27, 2008

beach day

i brought the kids over to rays house today. we walked to the beach with the three kids and all the beach gear. whew, i was a bit worn out when we got there. mason was so excited. i brought a kite for him to fly. his first kite. ray showed him how to fly it and we were having fun. at one point ray told me to tie the kite to his backpack and just let it be. i did not tie it very well and the kite took off. i went running after it. just as i almost got it my bathing suit bottoms became untied and started falling off. oops. i had to hold the strings together with one hand and try to catch the kite with the other. i could hear ray laughing at me. how embarrassing. i did catch that kite though.

we played in the water for the rest of our beach time. we decided that three little kids and two adults at the beach is hard. after a while both dahlia and bodhi were crying. i think it was too windy for them. we are going to try this again before the weather gets too cold. we are not discouraged. i had fun.

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