Tuesday, August 26, 2008

river trip

we are home from what will be forever known as the worst trip ever. i hope. i really hope this was the worst trip ever and i never have one that sucks more.

our annual family trip to the river started out great. we camp for a week by the colorado river every year. our family has been going there my whole life. my parents met there and have gone back almost every year since then. it is our tradition. the river runs along the border of california and arizona. the weather is always really hot. my parents own a motor home and a boat. my brothers bring their jet skies and we hang out all week relaxing by the water. there is always some water skiing and floating down the river. our campsite is super nice. it is right on the water. i love it.

this year we had a smaller crowd. my sister and her husband ray along with my mom and some friends did not come. that was a bit of a bummer, but not a big deal. some years are more crowded than others. miles and i had rented our own trailer for us and the kids so it was very roomy. it was nice to spread out. my father, two sisters, two brothers, my brother's friend, and niece were in my parents motor home next door.

we were planning on spending seven nights there. we got there on sunday and had a full two days of lazy river bliss. we swam and mason learned how to fish. so cute. on wednesday morning miles got a kidney stone. we had to take him to the emergency room at the not so nearby hospital for pain killers. after pain killers and some fluids they sent him back "home" to pass the stone on his own. he was in so much pain that we were back at the emergency room on thursday until 3:00 am. friday morning he asked me to pack up and head home. miles went back to the emergency room in los angeles the minute we got back in town. i was so sad. not only did it suck to see miles in such pain, but my whole vacation was ruined. i know i shouldn't be such a baby about my vacation, but it was the only one we were taking this year and i was really having fun. ugh.

things have not been great since we got back on friday. i have been watching the kids and doing everything by myself while miles lays on the couch recovering. i am not much of a nurse. i find myself just getting annoyed. for the most part i have been taking the kids out so we can just get out of his way.

oh well, at least we got two days of fun. here are some pictures.


Anonymous said...

oh no, that's terrible. I'm so sorry. I can totally relate. You may not remember but last year, the day my San Diego vacation was supposed to start, Alex wound up in the hospital with an infection in his knee. Spent the first three days of my vacation shuffling Luc back and forth to visit Alex and take him food requests. I would call you but sounds like you've got enough going on.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sherry, I guess you kids may have been having premonitions when you were talking about having to make the trip when the weather would be so hot! I'm sorry to hear it turned out so badly for you, but you'll get over it. I hope Miles will get over having kidney stones! Maybe he should change his diet or something; there are some things that contribute to making stones and maybe some that counter-act that.

I'll see you soon, I hope. Mom/Granny