Monday, March 30, 2009

artwork from church

we have been going to church. we started going in january. i was worried at first that mason would not like to go to the kid classes. i have never put him in pre-school so i didn't know how he would react. he loves it. i am so relieved, and shocked. he gets really excited to go. we go on saturday nights because it is casual and we don't have to wake up super early on sunday. this seems to work out nicely for us. the church we go to is in orange county so it is an hour drive to get there. christina and zena go with us. i was bringing dahlia with mason and me, but she screamed too much when i would put her in the nursery. they had to page me three times. i finally gave up, and either i leave her at my mom's house, or at home with miles.

mason is so cute about going to church. he tells me all about his class when we are driving there. he said he loves to see his friends and then it's story time and time to clean up. so funny. they usually do some sort of art work. i love his art, and proudly display it on our fridge.

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