Friday, March 27, 2009

we are green

we have been recycling our cans, glass, and plastic. not just putting them in the recycle bin, but actually separating them and taking them to the recycle center. i can't believe we are actually doing this. i am so impressed with us. i don't really like to go there. it is dirty and kind of a drag. mason likes to help. we get about $10.00 a month from all our recyclables, and then we donate the money. i feel like it is an easy way to earn a tiny bit of money to donate.

we have been so good about our green reform. we have replaced most of our light bulbs with cfl's. we also almost always use our canvas bags for groceries and such. i love not having a big collection of grocery bags to throw away. plus it is so much nicer to carry a canvas bag.

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