Monday, March 8, 2010

butterfly party

our friend maya turned one and had a super fun party this weekend. it was at an indoor play place called peekaboo playland. what a great space. i was expecting it to be filled with a bounce house and generic blow up slides, but this place has a wonderful design. they have a wooden playset with slide, play kitchen room, train table, reading room, a smaller slide for the little kids and of course a bounce house. there are also beautiful paintings in all the rooms that really help create a cheerful atmosphere. i loved the artwork.

dahlia was so adventurous. she tried everything. she did the face painting, played in the kitchen, rode little cars around, played on the little slide and everything else. mason was pretty much stuck at the train table the whole time. he did venture out to play in the ball pit, and go down the slide once or twice but that was about it. they were so sad when the party ended and we had to leave. we had a great time. happy birthday little maya.

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