Friday, March 26, 2010

easter cupcakes

i have been reading a lot of baking blogs lately so i was super excited when mason wanted to make chocolate cupcakes today. i thought that sounded like a great idea. we used the devils food recipe from martha stewart's cupcake book. it is so good. i decided to make the cream cheese frosting from the book instead of the chocolate one. miles is not a huge chocolate fan and i thought the clean up from white frosting would be much easier. it always seems that most of the frosting ends up on dahlia's clothes.

we decided to be fancy and decorate them for easter. i even got out the frosting tips! the kids colored pictures of an easter bunny and then i scanned them and printed scaled down versions of them onto sticker paper. we used my new circle cutter and toothpicks to make cupcake toppers. i think they turned out so cute. this is definitely a technique i will be using all the time now. mason and dahlia got such a kick out of seeing their designs on the cupcakes. oh, and they were delicious.

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jennifer said...

this is such a cute idea. I love that the kids get to color the toppers.