Saturday, March 27, 2010

golf party

what a fun day we had. we took all the kids to a friend's birthday party at boomers in irvine. it is one of those family fun parks full of games, mini golf and rides. mason and dahlia loved the mini golf. we played a round with zena and bodhi. they were having so much fun. we gave up trying to keep score. there was a lot of picking up the ball and dropping it in the hole. those cheaters. after golf there was lots of skee-ball playing. the kids were getting pretty good at this. that was always my favorite when i was a kid. after loading up on sugar from cake we had a very long drive home. miles and i were going crazy from all the singing in the back seat. oh yes. road trips are getting fun now.

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Stephanie said...

oh my gosh. That's the cutest pic of them holding hands. I still love a game of skeeball.