Friday, September 3, 2010

home from the river

we just got back from our family vacation to the colorado river. we usually go every year but skipped last year because we were so broke. this year my dad was super generous and decided to treat the whole family. yay. it was so nice to have a vacation. we only stayed for five nights and the time just flew by.

we had two camp spots with my parents motor home and a rented trailer. everyone came this year. we shared our trailer with jen, ray and bodhi. it was so fun to have all the little kids together. every morning they would wake up and (after the dreaded sunscreen rubdown) run down to the water where they would pretty much stay and play until sundown. it was great for me because i got to be outside all day.

the weather was pretty nice this year. only around 100 - 110 degrees. we were lucky because last week the temperatures got up to 116. so happy to have missed that. i was proud of myself and actually got up and water skied. it has been at least three years since i have done that and i was a little worried that i would have have trouble getting up. luckily that was not the case.

we did all the usual river activities such as the boat ride to parker dam, pizza night out at buckskin, swimming in the pool at little paradise, building lots of sand castles, fishing, riding jet skis, and staying up late playing games. so fun. i can't wait to do it again next year.

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Anonymous said...

I water-skied once; I think it was 1956! I went twice around the little "lake" at Hart Park here in Kern County (used to be the county park) and I got up very quickly and easily, just a natural I guess. But they told me I would be sore in the abdomen by morning; I wasn't. I didn't get to do another trip around, though, because they thought it was going to make me sore. Then I had a falling out with that particular group of "friends" and never went again.
My sister-im-law, Pam, and her husband had a boat at the river and went there frequently, often inviting Jearldine and her family; however, we were never included in those events or I might have water-skied again once or twice. It would be interesting to know if that first time was a fluke or I might have been really good at it.
Glad you kids had a good time.
Love, Mom/Granny