Thursday, November 18, 2010

painting pixie houses

we have been in full party mode over here. i am going a little crazy with three parties in a row. too many. i am sure people are getting sick of coming over here to party with us. next year i am going to have to do a combo party for the boys and then one for dahlia. i don't think i am going to do this again. whew. too much work.

dahlia has been having lots of fun helping me get stuff ready for her pixie party. yesterday and today we painted fairy houses that the kids will get to decorate with fairy dust (glitter) and stickers. jen and i found the cute little houses at michaels. we originally thought we would have the kids paint them, but i didn't want the kids to ruin their party clothes so i figured glitter would be a better idea.

dahlia is so excited about her party. i can't believe how big she is. she is going to be three. that is just crazy. my little girl. all grown up.

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Stephanie said...

What a cute idea! I've seen those bird houses at Michaels. I might have to steal your idea of painting them white. I think they would look so cute hanging in a collage.