Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving with friends

we did something completely different for thanksgiving this year. my whole family went to my friend rebecca's house. she was so sweet and hosted a huge party with almost thirty people. it was very fun. she is really like a sister to me. when we were teenagers she lived at my house for a while and we shared a room. ever since then we have always been close. she is a lot of fun.

it was a bit chaotic at her house with all the people talking and the game on in the background. the only real bummer for me was that her house is not at all baby proofed and so i could not put connor down for one minute. he would crawl right over to a burning candle or glass object. yikes. i did get to pass him on to miles for a little while but it was hard to always entertain him. he is squirmy. he does not like to sit still at all. there was lots of good wine though so there really isn't much to complain about. dinner was delicious and we were very thankful to spend the holiday surrounded by so many loving friends and family. happy thanksgiving to everyone.

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