Monday, November 22, 2010

pixie party

we had dahlia's pixie party this weekend. yay. she loved it. everything was super girly. of course i didn't get any sleep the night before the party. i was baking cupcakes, cleaning, finishing decorations. things were much more organized for this party compared to the others though. in fact, i think this was my favorite party of the three. don't tell the boys. it was a much smaller party so i wasn't stressed with trying to entertain. i could just relax and have fun. plus everything was just so darn cute.

jen was a big help to me again. she made these adorable tissue paper flowers. they are so pretty i want to leave them up all the time. she also helped me make star wand sugar cookies that we used as a centerpiece, and little bird nests out of chocolate and shredded wheat to hold snacks. we filled them with yogurt covered raisins, pretzel sticks, sunflower seeds and banana chips.

we had wings and wands for all the girls and peter pan hats for the boys. everyone loved the wings. even bodhi wore them. mason and some of the older boys were running around avoiding all the "fairy stuff" so i don't think anybody wore the peter pan hats. i could have just skipped those.

for food we had little dinner roll sandwiches and salads. i made tea sandwiches for the kids and cut them out with butterfly and flower cookie cutters. they were filled with cream cheese and cucumber, and strawberry jam. for dessert i made chocolate cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting that i sprinkled with edible glitter and topped with a paper fairy. i also baked a six inch round white cake with whip cream frosting for dahlia. so cute.

after eating lunch the kids had fun decorating their "fairy houses" with glitter and stickers. some of the boys even joined in for this. that was a fun project. that was the only organized activity i had for the kids. for most of the party we just let them run around and play. dahlia looked so cute dressed up as tinkerbell. tinkerbell is her favorite fairy.

i thought the party was super fun and just adorable. hurray. now i am done with the kid parties. whew. mommy needs sleep.

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Stephanie said...

Girls are so much more fun! Everything looks so cute. Tinkerbell is my favorite too :)