Tuesday, February 8, 2011

family game night

we have started a new tradition at our house this month. game night. i am so excited about this idea. i love playing games with the family.

the kids are really young and their game playing skills are limited but there are a few games that i think they can handle. we started out by playing candy land. so fun. i remember this game when i was a kid. i loved it. for some reason we were missing the red piece when we played (we found it under the table the next day) but mason improvised with a lego man. he was very excited to play.

don't be fooled. it sounds easy but candy land is a tough game. we kept getting sent back to the beginning with all the special cards. in fact, we finally had to call it quits without a winner. the kids had pretty much had enough. i think next week we will play chutes and ladders. hopefully it will go a little faster. game night was a big success though. i can't wait for the next one.

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jennifer said...

ha ha! the lego man is so funny. Bodhi and i play this game too! but it usually goes by pretty quickly. your board looks like the same design we played as kids. so retro.