Sunday, February 27, 2011

snow trip

we had so much fun last year in big bear we decided to go again this year. the place we stayed at last time was booked so we rented a private cabin instead. it was so nice. way nicer than the place we had last year. we booked it for two nights because one is not enough. i would actually say that two is not enough either. next year we should stay three!

our trip started off really bad because we got a late start and ended up having to drive in a snow storm. when we stopped to put chains on the car a truck slid on the ice and rear-ended us. no one was hurt and our car was drivable after getting a jump but it sucked to get in an accident. ugh. it was the longest drive to big bear ever. i was so paranoid after getting hit.

the rest of the trip was great. really fun. the cabin was huge. jen, ray, bodhi and our family were upstairs and christina, zena, doug, and susan took the bedrooms downstairs. we had a big crowd which made the trip even more fun.

there was a huge snowstorm on friday and most of saturday. it was so beautiful to see so much snow falling. the kids had never seen the snow fall. i loved it. our car was buried in snow! ray had to shovel a path from the front door. these are all completely foreign concepts to a southern california girl like myself. we didn't really do much on saturday because of all the snow falling but the kids were happy to play outside in the backyard and on the porch digging in the snow and making forts.

christina, zena, and doug were very adventurous and decided to get in the hot tub outside while snow was still falling. those crazy party people. later that night we all cooked dinner and had some wine while playing games. it was nice and relaxing.

sunday we all went sledding before it was time to drive home. we didn't have very much time but we got to sled for at least an hour. i got to go sledding this time since i wasn't holding a baby. yay. i can't wait to go again next year.

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