Saturday, February 12, 2011

run, tumble and roll

we had so much fun this weekend. we went to a friend's third birthday party at the little gym. what a cool place. it totally reminded me of another birthday party we went to a year ago at another gym. this one was a little different. the place was a lot smaller but they had two instructors that kind of ran the show. they had lots of interactive play rather than free time. so what they lacked in space and equipment they totally made up with the instruction. it was kind of silly and really fun. they had an interactive soundtrack that took you on a bear hunt through "caves" (padded tubes) and led you around the room. they also filled up a huge boat (air trampoline) for the kids to tumble and jump on. they loved it.

i was so impressed with the whole thing that i grabbed a bunch of brochures so i could enroll the kids later. i was very disappointed to find that enrolling both dahlia and mason would be almost $900.00 for 20 weeks. one class per week. while this doesn't sound too expensive (it works out to be $22.50 per kid, per class), we just can't afford it right now. maybe later. we did receive a free class coupon for the kids that i can't wait to use. i think it would be so great to get them in an organized sport or class. we just need to one that is less than $900.00!

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