Monday, August 29, 2011

kindergarten starts

mason had his first day of school today. he is taking kindergarten again this year. i am really happy that we decided to have him repeat kindergarten. he was only four years old when he started last year and i really didn't think he was ready. i would not feel comfortable sending him to first grade this year.

another good thing about having kindergarten again is that he has the same teacher he had last year. he is also in class with his best friend from last year whom is also repeating kindergarten. he is very excited to get to hang out with andrew everyday.

miles had to work so i ended up taking mason to his first day. i had to drag dahlia and connor with me. i was so worried we would be late. luckily we made it there on time and it was nice to have the teacher greet me. it was good to see familiar faces. yes. i think we are finally ready for kindergarten.

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