Friday, September 14, 2012


dahlia started preschool this week. monday was the student orientation day. i got to go to class with her and stay with her. she was introduced to her teachers and got a tour of the classroom and playground. the classroom is super cute with a play kitchen, reading corner, and lots of tables for crafts.

wednesday was the first day of class without any parents. poor dahlia didn't want to go. she was hiding under the bed in the morning and wouldn't come out. i asked miles if he would come home after dropping off mason so we could all take dahlia to school together. that seemed to do the trick and dahlia finally agreed to go.

once we got there she loved it. she was excited to see the craft tables and started playing with the play-doh right away. she was happy when i picked her up and told me how much she liked school. i am so relieved. today she went to class without any problem at all. hurray.

i really love her school. it is so cute and the teachers and other mom's are so nice. i already have made two new friends. she goes three times a week from nine to twelve. i am so happy to have found a nice preschool. i wish i would have known about this place when mason was little.

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