Sunday, September 23, 2012

little bird party

we had a busy weekend with lots of fun. yesterday we went to the cutest party ever. it was a birthday party for our friend's little girl madeleine. she is turning one. her parents sammy and kim did an amazing job with all the decorations and food. everything was so beautiful.

they chose a bird theme. they had this little tree with turquoise felt birds dangling from it. there was an amazing dessert table with a tiered cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and little cookies shaped like birds. they served a delicious lunch with grilled chicken and pasta. the kids snacked on kettle corn in little custom made popcorn boxes. there was a bounce house to entertain the kids while the grown ups all got to talk. it was so fun. i love going to their parties. everything is so relaxed. the party was outside and the weather was great. it had been a hot day but it started to cool off just as we got there. it was a later party for kids starting a three and still going on past seven when we finally left. there were people still just arriving. so fun. they sent us home with little whistling bird favors that you fill with water and blow into to sound like a bird.

after the party jen and ray came back to our house to give their kids a bath before their long drive home. all the kids were so tired and super dirty from running on the blacktop with no shoes. such a nice end to our busy day.

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