Tuesday, September 18, 2012


mason started soccer today. he has been wanting to play soccer for a while now so i was excited to sign him up. of course now my week is crazy busy driving around from two schools, soccer for mason, ballet for dahlia, and gym class for both. i don't mind though because he loves his soccer class. two of his friends from school are taking the class with him and it makes it extra fun.

i signed him up for "kidz love soccer." it is an organization that focuses on teaching the kids how to play soccer in a non-competitive environment. he is not really on a team that will compete against other teams. the teams change every week. i thought it would be a great place for him to learn without being stressed out to win. the focus is to have fun.

dahlia and connor came with us of course and had fun riding their scooters along the sidewalk while we were there. it was great to keep them occupied. the class is only 45 minutes long so the time went quickly.

mason was so excited to play. it was great watching him. he was running all around and laughing. when we got home he did his homework right away. i couldn't believe it. i usually have to coerce him into doing homework. i think this sport will be great for us. yay for soccer.

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