Tuesday, February 19, 2013

family snow trip

we just got back from our annual trip to the snow. we were lucky again and got to stay at the cabin that my sister's boss owns. it is so nice to not have to rent one. we left saturday afternoon and stayed until monday afternoon. it is only about a two hour drive from our house so we had time to play in the snow on saturday before it got dark. we had all these plans about leaving early in the morning but i didn't finish packing in time so it was almost noon when we finally got on the road. you think i would know by now not to wait until the morning of the trip to start packing.

the cabin is nice and big. we stayed there with my three sisters, ray, and their kids. there was 6 adults and 6 kids in all. we got the downstairs den with a sofa bed and everybody else stayed upstairs in the two bedrooms. the kids wanted to go sledding right away so we did that first. we went back to the same place as last year only to find a big sign that said "no snow play." i was so bummed. we played there anyway though. we only had about an hour before it would start to get dark so we decided to risk getting caught. rebels. i was worried though. i don't like to break the rules. i hate to get in trouble. i am the person who usually follows the rules and then that one time that i don't, i get busted. we were lucky this time though and no one caught us. christina was making fun of us being so paranoid.

the next day we decided to find a legitimate place to go sledding so we could stay for a while. this took a bit but we finally found an information center that told us where to go. there was definitely not as much snow this year as the previous years. it was warmer out and the snow was a bit slushy in places. we hiked a bit up a hill to find a nice secluded place to sled. it was great. we were really the only ones around. the kids were so funny sledding. they were all so brave this year. they all wanted to go down by themselves. connor even went down the hill by himself. at one point christina got on a sled with four kids piled on top and they all went down together. we even got susan to go sledding. she said she hadn't gone since she was a child. of course we also made a snowman and snow angels. the usual stuff.

the last day we had breakfast and decided to go on a walk around the lake before heading home. there wasn't any snow around the lake. it was a really pretty day. i really enjoyed our little walk. the kids all searched for the perfect pine cone to take home as their treasure and then we said goodbye to the lake and headed home.

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