Friday, February 1, 2013

mud soup

we had an unusually warm february day today. dahlia and connor decided that it was a great day to make mud soup. they put on their play clothes and i turned on the hose for them. they love to make a swamp in the dirt by the garage and play in it. i figure it is pretty harmless and who could resist two crazy happy kids jumping in muddy puddles? i am happy to see them outside again after it has been so cold and we have been playing inside most of the time.

connor was cracking me up. after they filled their swamp with water he ran inside to get his bathtub boat. he was driving his boat through the mud soup. dahlia got a spoon and i saw her taste it. eww! of course all the fun had to end with early baths and hot cocoa after the sun went down and it got super cold again.

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