Thursday, February 7, 2013

picking flowers

it seems all i do now is drive my kids back and forth from school and after school activities. i have become a chauffeur. i really don't mind though. i love to be with them all day. i am not one of moms that drive through and picks up or drops off their kid. i am the one that parks super far away and walks to the school. there is a bunch of us that stand out front and wait for the kids to come out. i like this ritual. it seems more personal than driving by. i also need the exercise so it is good for me to walk everyday. i wish i could walk from my house but we live pretty far from the school and there are a lot of hills. i should try it one day though. i wonder how long it would take.

dahlia and connor get bored waiting for mason to get out of class so they play on the grass and dahlia picks flowers. i should apologize to anyone who lives near the school and is wondering where all their flowers have gone. my little girl cannot resist picking a flower and taking it home. we have little vases filled with wild flowers all over the kitchen. of course i don't let her take flowers from someone's garden but i figure the grass in front of the school is ok. they are wild flowers. they need to be loved on my kitchen table.

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