Saturday, March 9, 2013

balloon animals and magic

we went to a super fun birthday party for my friend kimberly's daughter maya. she is turning four. her parents had the party at her preschool. the preschool rents out their space on weekends. it was so nice. i loved it. there was a huge play-set and everything was enclosed so i didn't have to worry about the kids running off. i could just let them play while i chatted with the grownups. that almost never happens.

she had hired the most amazingly talented guy to make balloon animals for the kids. they were all so detailed. dahlia wanted a little doggy on a leash and connor wanted ariel the mermaid. the ariel was really good. he also made a spiderman for this other little boy that was so cool i almost asked for one for me. when he was done with special requests he made crazy hats for some of the kids and adults. so funny. he also did a short but funny magic show. the kids loved it. i was surprised to see them sit and be fully engaged for so long.

there was lots of good food. they had mediterranean cuisine for the adults and pizza for the kids. my kids didn't eat anything. they were too busy playing on the play-set with the other kids. we ended up driving to orange county for dinner with my sister at our favorite soup plantation after the party ended. i loved that the kids played outside all day. it was so nice to have them all tired when it was time to drive home.

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