Saturday, March 2, 2013

western round up

dahlia's preschool had a fundraising event this weekend. they call it the western round up. i was dreading going but it was actually really fun. i was impressed. they had a petting zoo, large inflated slide, pony rides, carnival games and barbeque food. everything was super cute. they did a great job.

mason and dahlia are just getting over the flu and are finally feeling good but still tired. we figured one hour there would be enough. sure enough after an hour dahlia was ready to go home. i had to work a booth for an hour to fulfill my obligation so miles took the kids around. they all loved the petting zoo and the boys had a great time riding the ponies. mason didn't want to go on the big slide but connor loved it.

next year i think we will go earlier and have more time to play.

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