Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter sunday

we had a great easter this year. the kids were so excited. friday we went to my sister's house to paint eggs and have a sleepover. this was lots of fun but the kids stayed up way too late. it was almost midnight before they fell asleep. we had five dozen eggs to paint.

easter morning was super busy. mason, dahlia, and connor woke up super early to check their easter baskets that were left by the kitchen door. sure enough they were filled with lots of treats. they all said they got exactly what they wanted. how did the bunny know? we didn't have much time to play before we had to rush off to church. we always go to my mother's church on easter sunday and it takes an hour to get there. much like last year we were five minutes late. after church they had an egg hunt for the kids where each kid finds four eggs with a particular number on it and turns them in for a bag of candy. the bag of candy was huge. really too much if you ask me. a small piece of candy would be just fine. the whole day seemed to be one big sugar rush. candy, candy, candy!

after the egg hunt we went back to my sister's house for brunch and our own egg hunt. christina did not go crazy this year with the eggs. we had 94 eggs to hide. much less than last year's 175 eggs. zena was the big winner having collected 26 eggs. brunch was good. christina made breakfast pizza's that were yummy and my mom made a delicious cobb salad. around four we left to go home and spent the evening playing clue and building connor's lego set. it was so nice to have a holiday and actually spend some fun time as a family.

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