Saturday, November 16, 2013

cocktails and crafts

miles watched the kids for me last night and i got to go to a crafting party with my friends. it sounds kind of corny but it was a blast. there were four of us and we each brought a craft and a dish to share. i made a yummy tomato, feta, cucumber salad.

the party was at my friend michele's house and her husband made us the most delicious pomegranate martinis. we were all pretty smashed after one and then he made us another... that was probably a bad idea. he later made us coffee to sober up. needless to say we didn't finish all four crafts. we only got to complete two of them before it was midnight and time to wrap things up. it was almost one am before i got home.

we made these string wrapped sticks that are more interesting and addicting than they sound and decorated fairy houses. it was so fun. i has been too long since i have had a girls night and i loved every minute.

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