Tuesday, November 5, 2013

more secret stairs

my friend and i went on another walk around los angeles. today our walk was around echo park. believe it or not i have never seen echo park lake even though it is about 15 minutes from where i live. it is super pretty.

the walk today was three miles and had 428 steps. it was amazing. we walked around the lake and up the hills behind to see the victorian and queen anne mansions.

the highlight of the walk besides the lake was when we got to carroll avenue. the houses on this street are just stunning. there is a collection of beautifully restored houses that were made around 1887. they were moved here as part of a restoration project. it is an area called angelino heights. i was just blown away by the detail in the design of these homes. it is really incredible. the amount of work it must take to restore the houses is just astonishing.

we spent so much time staring at the houses that we had to run back to the car in order for me to pick up connor from preschool. i was actually five minutes late and we realized that this will most likely be my last secret stairs walk. i just don't have enough time between drop off and pick up. i do plan on doing more in the future but i might have to wait until connor is in school for a longer period of time.

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