Friday, November 8, 2013


we had the day off from school today so we met our new friends archer and his mom michele at kidspace in pasadena. i have taken the kids there once before for their free day but that was a long time ago. i decided to go ahead and buy a membership. it pays for itself if i only go three times so it seemed worth the cost.

the kids love it there. they had a whole new physics forest where the kids could interact with the exhibits to learn different properties of science. they had fun playing tug-of-war with the giant lever. they also loved the bottle rocket where you can blast a plastic bottle into the air using water and air pressure.

inside they were very brave and climbed to the top of the raindrop and wisteria climbing towers. these towers are more that forty feet tall. they are completely enclosed so it is safe and fun.

after we were finished inside we walked all around the museum gardens. they had fun playing with the squirt guns and climbing their favorite rootwad climber.

the whole museum is beautifully designed and so much fun to explore. the best part was that when the kids were ready to go it was still early enough to enjoy some time at home.

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