Thursday, May 22, 2008

6 months

dahlia is six months old today. happy half birthday baby. how exciting. six months. i weighed her this morning and she is 15.5 pounds. she is getting so big. she has been scooting all over the place. scooting as in crawling without lifting her butt in the air. miles calls it the army crawl. she also has been lifting her butt up and getting on her knees a bit. not quite rocking yet, but almost. she can sort of sit up. not for very long though. we have not started giving her any food yet. i did let her taste my frozen yogurt and she loved it. i guess we can start giving her rice cereal now.

my sister jen and i took the kids to disneyland today. i dressed mason in shorts and a tee shirt and myself in a skirt. the day was so sunny and warm when we left my house. when we got there it had started to rain lightly. no problem. i changed mason into jeans, and we went to the park. we parked the strollers and got in line for our first ride. the rain really started coming down then. we were standing there thinking "wow, it sure is raining hard." of course it never occurred to us that we had parked our strollers out in the open. when we got back to them they were soaked. it wasn't that big of a deal for me, but poor bodhi's car seat was drenched. he is only 2 months old so jen still puts the car seat in the stroller. what a mess. we hid out in the nearby theater to escape the rain. we eventually got the strollers dry enough to put the kids back in. what a surprise to have it rain. i love the rain. i felt a bit guilty to let mason and dahlia get so wet. wee fun. i hope they don't get sick.

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