Friday, May 16, 2008

day in the sun

today was just beautiful. the weather was much too warm to stay indoors. we decided to it was a perfect day for a swim. we grabbed the garden hose and started filling the little blow up pool in our yard. while the pool slowly filled with water we sat on a blanket and enjoyed ice cream sandwiches. yummy. dahlia loved laying in the shade. she was so content to watch her brother. she would laugh at him and make her cute dolphin noises.

when the pool was full mason decided he did not want to put on his swim trunks. he just stripped down and jumped in the pool naked. it was so funny. our little nature boy would climb out of the pool and run around the yard. then jump back in the pool. miles and i could not stop laughing. when he finally got tired, we got him dressed and had a delicious lunch of homemade carrot soup with crusty bread on the patio. what a great day.

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