Tuesday, May 13, 2008

going green

my sister got me this book called green chic for mothers day. i love it. i have only read half of it so far, but i am implementing some of the ideas already. here are some of the simple things we have done to become more green. (trendy i know, but it is a good trend)

1. we changed out four of our regular incandescent bulbs to the energy star-rated CFLs. easy, and they were only $1.99 each.

2. we now use (when we don't forget) canvas bags for groceries. i must say i still feel awkward about this, but it is growing on me.

3. i turn out all lights not being used directly. this is really hard for me. i really like lots of light. i guess i am scared of the dark.

4. we wash all our clothes in cold water. to be fair i have always done this. not much change here.

5. unplug all phone and camera chargers when not in use. i had no idea that they still draw energy when they are not charging anything. done.

6. give up bottled water. ok here is where i draw the line. i saw erin brockovich. i am not about to start drinking tap water. especially not in los angeles. please. i will however stop buying small bottles of water. i will now only buy huge bottles of water and put it in my thermos to go. there. good.

there is more to do, but it is a start. i will let you know how our green adventure continues. meanwhile here are some pictures from the park today.

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