Saturday, May 31, 2008

pool party

we went to a graduation party today. my friend cheryl completed her bachelors degree in marketing. there was a big pool party to celebrate. the party started at five, so i was thinking it would be too late for mason to swim. i didn't bother packing his swimsuit. i was feeling a bit bad about that when every other kid was in the pool jumping and splashing. mason seemed content to run around the pool with the pool toys. he kept leaning in to grab more toys. everyone was so worried he would fall in, myself included. i was preparing myself to jump in and save him. man, you just can't have a relaxing time with a toddler at a party.

mason was cute. he brought out his drawing pad later and was making funny drawings during the karaoke. no, i did not sing. karaoke is not my thing.

my sister and ray brought bodhi and he slept most of the time. i was jealous. dahlia was a big hit. everyone loves babies. she was very good and i just had to keep track of who was holding her next. she was getting passed around. this made me a little nervous, because i didn't know everyone at the party. i figured i should relax a little and not be so nuts. most of my family was at the party and they wouldn't let a stranger run off with my baby girl.

i was a bit relieved when dahlia started crying and it was time to go home. i really wanted to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and relax. boy, things sure have changed in my world.

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