Saturday, June 21, 2008


miles and i celebrated our five year anniversary today. i can't believe we have been married for five years. wow. that sure went by quickly. i remember on our honeymoon i asked miles if we could return to australia for our five year anniversary. it sounded so far away. well, we did not make it back to australia this year. i have now revised my request to celebrate our ten year anniversary in australia.

we had a nice evening together. we drove to jen and rays house to drop the kids off. they were nice enough to offer to watch them for us. they live close to the beach and lots of great restaurants so we walked to dinner from their house. dinner was delicious. we went to houstons. the restaurant was pretty casual which was fine with me. i got to have sushi and miles got a steak so it was the perfect menu for both of us. after dinner we walked to the beach and watched the sunset. it was very relaxing. i was wishing i was on a boat or a plane. i am longing for an adventure. we could see the planes taking off from LAX and i kept wondering where they were going. after a short time, we walked back to jen and rays house for champagne and dessert. i had chocolate cake. mmmmm. it was a nice ending to a romantic evening.

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