Sunday, June 1, 2008


i went wine tasting with my sisters and mom today. it was so fun. we woke up early and drove to los olivos. my sister is a member of the firestone winery so we got the vip treatment. it was so nice. we got free tastings of at least twelve wines and then the guy was nice enough to give us a short tour of the winery. it was so cool. i love all the barrels of wine stacked up. my mom was so funny and proclaimed she was snockered after the first five wines we sampled. the guy helping us was very nice and kept us laughing the whole time.

the weather was perfect so we sat outside and enjoyed a delicious lunch of sandwiches and sparkling water on the vineyard grounds. after lunch we tasted wine at one more vineyard close by and then headed home. we stopped for ice cream in santa barbara at mcconnells. i got brazilian coffee. it was a little bit of heaven. so good.

what a fun day. i can't wait to enjoy all the delicious wine we bought this summer.

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