Monday, June 16, 2008

working girl

i took a freelance job for a month. it is with my old coworkers doing graphics for a television network. i actually went back to work last week, but i was so angry about it i didn't want to write. i have since calmed down and have settled in to my new routine. i am hoping this will only be a temporary situation and i will be back at home with the kids next month. we will see. meanwhile i am trying to be positive and have some fun designing.

i actually love to design. it has been a long time (7 months) since i have done any design. not counting my personal projects of course. i was a bit worried to go back and work. could i do it? have i forgotten how to design and animate? will i suck? turns out i am doing just fine. not much has changed in the last seven months. i am having fun being creative again.

miles is watching the kids by himself this month. i am jealous of course. he is doing a pretty good job. the house is a mess, but the kids are clean and fed and seem pretty happy. at least he is focused on the important things. i had a mild freakout when i found out he was microwaving my breast milk. "what!!! why are you putting the breast milk in the microwave??? it kills all the nutrients. we have a bottle warmer. use the bottle warmer". let's hope he is doing it right this week. i wonder if i should set up a nanny cam. just kidding.

here is a picture of my precious babies this morning. i am so jealous when i leave in the morning. i want to crawl in bed with them and snuggle up.


ray said...

I know what you mean about the mornings. I've been late to work several times in the last few weeks because Bodhi is just too cute to leave. I sit there with him thinking "oh he's so cute!"... (look at clock) "oh, i'm going to be late"... "oh he's so cute"... "oh, i'm going to be really late"... "oh he's so cute"... you get the idea.

jennifer said...

i miss hanging out with you and the kids! hopefully when your job is over we can hang out again.

katherine said...

I'm so glad you sent me the link to your blog. I have been thinking about you so much the last couple of days because I am working on a website for a new movie about a Martha Stewart type character. I go on her site every day to get inspiration, and I have her latest magazine. She really has a very nice website. Really nice details like scalloped edges and dotted Martha!! I miss you.