Monday, October 6, 2008

3 years old

mason turned three years old yesterday. we had a small party with the family at our house to celebrate. it was so fun. we were actually celebrating four birthdays since jen and miles' birthday celebration was postponed due to sick kids, and my mother's birthday is today. mason had a great day. we were so excited about his birthday. i definitely get more excited about my kids birthdays than my own. we did a thomas the train theme. thomas is very popular at this house. miles stayed up until 3 am decorating a thomas the train cake (later making me promise to stop him from making a fancy cake again). it was so nice to have everyone over. the party was super fun.

i can't believe that my son is three. mason is such a sweetheart. he is really a good big brother. he is still learning the alphabet and numbers. he does well with counting up to ten, and can recognize some of the letters. he tries to name colors, but usually gets them wrong. he is talking a lot and forming somewhat full sentences. lately his favorite words are no and mine. he still is sleeping in our bed (i have no idea how to get him out), and still has not quite figured out the whole potty chair thing (we are working on this one). we did manage to get rid of his bottles and pacifiers so i don't feel like a total loser.

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Anonymous said...

I got to sit with him for a short time Monday morning and he was very attentive to me, showing me what he was doing, etc. Then when I was leaving to return home he actually gave me a hug and a kiss, too! Yes, he is a sweetheart! And I love him!!
I love you all. Mom/Granny