Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i miss tuesdays

my sister's daughter zena started a new tutoring schedule this semester and is busy on tuesday nights. how sad. we used to go visit my family in orange county every tuesday. now i just stay home. my sister and i are trying to find another night during the week that will be good for visits. they are just so busy.

one of the last tuesdays we hung out i took the kids to the park to fly their kites. i thought this would provide hours of fun for them. they were so excited and screaming with delight as their kites rose in the air. then, after maybe five minutes they were done. they threw down the kites and announced it was time to head to the swings. humph. i did get some cute pictures of them though.

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Marisa said...

Oh Sherry...I wish I lived close enough to visit my family weekly. I'm sure you'll find a time that works. We miss you guys.