Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

we had such a fun halloween. miles and i drove the kids to orange county to go trick or treating at my mom's house. mason dressed as captain hook and dahlia was tinker bell. they looked great. mason screamed when we were getting him dressed, and i wasn't sure if he would calm down enough to leave the house. giving him a sword seemed to help and then he stopped crying long enough to realize candy was involved with this plan. ohh candy. my niece zena came with us, and she kept us going at a fast pace. miles and i dressed up with them to make it more fun. my sister christina even dressed up her new puppy. the kids got tired pretty quick, but not before getting lots of candy that miles has claimed to be his. my favorite part of the holiday was when we got home and the kids were all tucked in bed. miles and i made cocktails and popcorn and put on a scary movie. yay.

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jennifer said...

i wish we could have joined in on the holiday fun. hopefully next year!. Dahlia looks so cute as tinkerbell.