Saturday, April 4, 2009

check up

mason went for his 3 year check up today. it took us this long to get an appointment with his new doctor. i can see why she is so popular though. she is great. she took so much time talking to us and getting to know mason. i am used to being shoved out the door quickly. she gave us lots of advise on potty training. we are still working on this and i am just getting frustrated. i am going to try her method of using a potty chart.

miles and i were pissed to find out that our old doctor did not give mason all of the immunizations that he needs. ugh. this is the reason we switched doctors. our old doctor seemed too scatterbrained. he just makes jokes and sends us on our way. poor mason had to get three shots and will have to come back in six months for more. he was good. he only cried for the second and third shot.

mason was making me laugh all day. he kept saying "the doctor shot me, the doctor shot me in the arm." so funny. he was a good sport. we bought him a little thomas train for being so brave.

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