Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the mud box

it has been crazy hot this week so we decided to blow up the little pool for the backyard. i thought it would be so fun for the kids to swim while i sat by the pool and read my book. ha.

they decided it would be way more fun to take the water from the pool and pour it into the dirt making a big mud pile. ugh. this was such a messy project. i really don't like them getting that dirty. i try to be mellow, but it drives me crazy. dahlia loves to put the mud in her mouth. i have to constantly be watching because the moment i turn my head she is drinking the muddy water. what is wrong with her? yuck. doesn't she know it tastes disgusting.

i ended up giving them early bathes because they had dirt all over them. oh my. swimming used to be the clean activity. we did have a fun evening grilling hamburgers for dinner. yum. it feels like summer already. what happened to spring?

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