Monday, April 6, 2009

mini golf

whew, what a busy weekend. miles and i took the kids to a ten year old's birthday party. the party was at one of those amusement centers that is just heaven for kids and torture for adults. mason and zena had so much fun playing miniature golf. it was mason's first time golfing. miles was trying to teach mason how to putt. most of the time mason would pick up the ball and move it closer to the hole. what a cheater. the other kids were much older and kind of went off on their own. that seemed to be fine with mason and zena. they had fun playing together.

later in the day miles went home with dahlia and i took mason to church. after church christina and i went out for coffee and pie. mmmm. it was such a fun day. mason and i couldn't resist stopping at the bookstore on our way home. they were having a sale and mason picked out three new books. we are having so much fun reading every night.

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