Monday, April 13, 2009

happy easter

we had such a fun easter this year. jen, ray, bodhi, christina, zena and roxy all stayed the night on saturday. we had a super yummy dinner and then stayed up late coloring eggs, and watching movies.

sunday bodhi woke us all up at seven. he was anxious to see if the easter bunny brought him something. the kids all loved looking through their baskets and playing with their toys. after breakfast we left to meet the rest of the family at church. of course miles and i did not get to sit through the whole service. the kids were with us and they got a little crazy about half way through. ray met us outside with bodhi a little later. we had lunch after church at the el torito grill. it was ok. we didn't realize it was going to be a buffet. i really hate buffets. the food is never very good. i guess it worked out well with our large crowd though. after lunch we had an egg hunt for the kids and then ate dessert. i made a berry trifle that was very yummy. man it was so crazy busy.

miles and i were so exhausted when we got home. we just sat around on the sofa and lounged. mason loved his easter basket. he got some more train stuff and we could barely get him to put the toys down to go to sleep.

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jennifer said...

I love how Mason has his easter basket slung over his shoulder like it is so heavy with eggs.