Friday, May 22, 2009

18 months

dahlia turned 18 months old today. she has a cold. poor baby. she has been talking so much. some new words include: oh boy, yeah, spider, juice, dog, woof, bath, shoe, boo boo, and many more. of course her favorite words are no and dahlia. she is 32 inches tall and 23 pounds. growing so fast. she is still crazy attached to me, following me all around the house and crying when i walk into another room. i am hoping she grows out of that one soon. she loves to play outside with mason. they are getting better at playing together. mason has been very cute about pulling dahlia around the yard in the wagon. he calls her "my dahlia." she just started calling him "mayme." she loves watching the little bunnies that run around our yard. she gets so excited when they are out there. she will stand by the window staring saying buhyee.

she is a pretty good eater. she still is using a bottle. she does this funny thing where she has to put her finger in her belly button when she is drinking her bottle. she used to get really upset if i had her in a onesie and she couldn't lift her shirt up. i think we would like to transition her to a sippy cup for milk soon. she is also way way easier to put to bed than mason. thank goodness.

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