Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day

we had a nice mothers day. it was pretty relaxing. my sister christina and her daughter stayed the night on saturday. we all woke up early and the kids ate pancakes outside for breakfast. christina and i had a coconut cream pie for breakfast because it is mothers day after all.

later in the day we drove to orange county to have dinner with the rest of my family. we went to a restaurant and our party was so big we ended up at two tables. it was a bit of a drag. i didn't get to talk to anyone. i was sitting next to the kids for most of the meal. we usually go back to my mom's house for dessert but she didn't want to have people over so we all just went home. how sad. luckily i had my dessert for breakfast or i would be really bummed.


Stephanie Lyn said...

Yeah, know what you mean about going out on mother's day. I made brunch for my family to avoid the crowds.

ray said...

That's funny, I felt the exact same way about the dinner. I kept thinking, "That's it? But I didn't get to hang out with anybody." :(

We'll make up for it this weekend though...